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Forecast and Analysis of pharmaceutical market rapid growth during 2012-2017
Time: 2012-08-29 11:35:08     Copyfrom: China industry research network

According to the statistics, in 2011 China 's total health expenditure in total is about 2.2 trillion Yuan, of which public investment is about 1.4 trillion Yuan accounted for about 64%, most of which are used in the basic medical services, including the purchase of essential drugs.

With basic spending on health care continually increase and the expansion of essential medicines list, medical and pharmaceutical market will have a huge apace for growth. China is expected to be the world's second largest market in 2017.

Government will regulate health care services and pharmaceuticals production circulation order, and further improve quality standards to accelerate the industry consolidation. The United States has more than 300 pharmaceutical companies before, and remain more than 30 companies after years of development, while China has more than 4,000 pharmaceutical companies, the concentration is too low.  Large-scale reorganization will inevitably in the industry.

Promote the development of medical and health services will be mainly focusing on prevention in the future, so companies should focus on the prevention concept, pay attention to population aging, disease development and changes, strengthening of drug development in prevention, care and other different functions. For the Bio-pharmaceutical innovation incentive policies, the government will give some support on tax on related companies.

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